Josiah + Katy | Proposal + Engagement

Wow, where to start… Josiah contacted me on March 27th telling me he had this detailed plan to propose to Katy and wanted me there to snap some photos. A few hours later, I get a 6 page email from Josiah with maps with x’s and arrows telling me where to be at what time! IT WAS AWESOME! I felt like I was assigned a secret agent mission! Needless to say, my stealth secret agent photography skills paid off!

A month later, we shot their engagement photos. After shooting their proposal and engagement photos, I’ve gotten to witness how generous, kind, trusting, and self-less they are with each other. I hope these photos help illustrate the their passion and love for each other.

Can’t wait to shoot their wedding in Pennsylvania this November!




Alex + Kayla Engaged!

I am SO thankful for this amazing couple. They’re more than a client to me; they’re two of my best friends! Alex and Kayla have one of the most authentic and joyful relationships I have ever seen. Ever.  Can’t wait to be a part of their BIG DAY on April 26th – not as a photographer, but a groomsman! Love you, Alex and Kayla!

Want to see ALL of the photos from this photoshoot? Check them out on Facebook. 

Also, check out photos from photobooth from their engagement party!

Miller Boys | Baby + Toddler

Had a BLAST doing my first BABY shoot! Gabe and Cameron definitely have wild and spunky personalities!

See all the photos from this photoshoot here.

Alex + Franki | Engaged

This amazing couple, Alex and Franki, goes to show that not ALL Bethel Students get a “Ring by Spring”!

John + Cailin | Wedding

I had the opportunity to hang with this AMAZING couple on their wedding day!  John and Cailin both have a unique creative side that made this outdoor wedding very special!